Merit Metal Products – Traditional Elegance Since 1876

For more than a century, Merit has upheld a uniquely American heritage of quality and craftsmanship. Their hardware has stood alongside presidents, sailed proudly across oceans, and graced the finest homes in the country and around the world. They use a combination of Old World tradition and state of the art technology to ensure that their products stand the test of time, just as they have. Their hardware is still handcrafted in America with the same attention to detail that Merit has stood for throughout our rich history. They offer more than just hardware – they have been delivering quality, craftsmanship, and heritage since 1876.

How to reach us.
By Appointment Only
Monday – Friday
10am – 5pm
Closed for lunch 12pm-1pm
P: (310) 657-1940
F: (310) 657-1943